Wednesday , June 19 2024

Sighisoara Cultural Tour

Why our Sighisoara Cultural Tour is worth taking?

The Sighisoara Cultural Tour has been created for hisory lovers. If you are absolutely in love with the medieval times, and want to visit a truly medieval town, this is for you. The Old Center of Sighisoara is filled with history. The walls, the paths, the cobbled streets, even the mighty clock in the very heart of it, all are reminiscents of old medieval times. It will make you step back in time and picture what life looked like. How did people used to live? What were they crafting, what was their way of life back then?

Europe’s last Inhabited Citadel

Sighisoara Cultural TourYes, read that again. What could be more amazing than that? Visiting an actually inhabited Citadel? It’s the perfect way to dive back in time. Sighisoara is considered to be Transylvania’s most chrming town, as well. It’s historic center is UNESCO protected. The Sighisoara Cultural Tour will take you through all you need to know about this beautiful city. Everything here is within a walking distance. Usually, one day is ideal to get to visit everything.

Craft guilds, sieges, ancient trading routes – Our Sighisoara Cultural Tour unravels everything

Yes, Sighisoara is full of history and mystery. Getting there by yourself might involve you missing some important information. But we are a team of fully certified guides. If you choose to travel with us, you’ll make sure you get to know everything about this magical old town. Sometimes, in the summer time, there is a medieval festival right here. Imagine the beautiful atmosphere. Local artists and sometimes rock bands come to play here. If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss this festival, contact us today. Book our exclusive and private Sighisoara Cultural Tour and enjoy the magic that this town has to offer!